7 inch HDMI Touchscreen LCD Display – Product Review

7 inch HDMI Touchscreen LCD Display

Today’s review is over the Raspberry Pi 7 inch HDMI Touchscreen LCD Display by Jun Electron. While the display may be 7 inches, it has the clarity and response of a full size touch monitor. This full color display has a full color 800 x 480 resolution. The screen is incredibly bright and readable, and features an on/off switch. It also features capacitive touch sensing capable of detecting up to 10 fingers. This HDMI display can be used as a second computer monitor. And it can also be used for primary display for mini PC’s such as the Raspberry Pi. The touch feature connects through an included USB cable. The included Raspberry Pi case attaches to the back of the LCD case for added convenience.

Package Contents

Out of box this kit includes the 7 inch touch LCD Display by Jun Electron, an HDMI Cable,Micro USB power/touch cable, and 4 layer standing case. The kit also includes a 5 layer case for the Raspberry Pi 3 B+, a cooling fan, heatsinks and mounting hardware. (Raspberry Pi not included)

the 7 inch touch LCD Display by Jun Electron,

the 7 inch touch LCD Display by Jun Electron,

Setup and Assembly

Installation of the 7 inch HDMI Touchscreen was easy, and took less approximately 30 minutes. The first step was to assemble the LCD Display case. This 4 layer case went together very easily while following the instructions. The most difficult portion was installation of the two stand legs. The next step is to install the Raspberry Pi and Pi case onto the back of the display case. A little tricky at first, this portion took about 15 minutes. This is where the instructions really come in handy. After this point, installation was a breeze. You just layer the case around the display using the included #2 screws and nuts to put it together. Plug the HDMI and Micro USB cables into the Display and you are ready to boot up.

Great little display

The 7 inch touch LCD Display by Jun Electron is a nice little display for any Raspberry Pi project. It is ideal for use as a mini desktop touch screen computer. And if you use a battery pack like I do, this computer becomes completely portable and can be taken anywhere. This display can also be paired up with the 5MP 1080P Raspberry Pi Night Vision Camera. The 7 inch HDMI Touchscreen LCD Display sells on Amazon for only $65.59.

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