3.5 inch touch screen HDMI Display

3.5 inch touch screen HDMI Display – Review

Today I will be reviewing the Raspberry Pi 3.5 inch HDMI Touch Display by Jun Electron. This display may only be 3.5 inches, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in usability, clarity and brightness. It has a brightness switch that lets you adjust the screen to your personal liking, or to compensate for ambient light. It also includes a handy stylus for ease of use. I highly recommend this little display! Despite the size, the text, images and screen content are surprisingly readable even without assistance or magnification. The touch feature and refresh rate are both highly responsive and without lag. Once you get the settings dialed in, this little screen packs quite a punch.

3.5 inch touch screen HDMI Display

3.5 inch touch screen HDMI Display

Package Contents

Out of box, the Raspberry Pi 3.5 inch touch screen HDMI Display by Jun Electron comes with the display screen, a stylus, HDMI Dual Plug adapter, a DVD with drivers, software and installation instructions, as well as a sleek dark grey case. Also included are the mounting hardware and screws. The display comes ready with everything except the Raspberry Pi computer itself. (Sold Separately)

Installation and Setup

Installation was a breeze, and took less than 20 minutes. From the time I opened the box, had the display installed on the Raspberry Pi and the case put together it had only been 7 minutes. The longest portion was setup, which only took a total of 10 minutes itself. The steps were easy, and with the added installation instructions even an inexperienced child could set up this display.

The first step was to insert the included DVD into my computer and copy the installation driver to a USB Thumb drive. After putting the display together with the case, I then plugged in the power supply and fired it up. It immediately came on and I was able to see the Raspbian desktop, however the touch feature was not available yet. Second, I plugged in the USB drive and navigated to the driver folder. I copied the folder named LCD-show to my home/pi folder within the operating system, and opened a terminal window.

The next step is to install the driver. This display model is 3508, and after selecting the proper screen resolution size you begin running the commands in the instruction file to install the driver into the system. I chose a resolution of 960 x 640 as I wanted a slightly larger resolution with smaller icons. After running the command in terminal and rebooting the system, I immediately noticed the touch feature was enabled and responding. I adjusted the screen size setup in the config panel, and that was it. My screen was setup and running smoothly.

A Must Have Display

The 3.5 inch HDMI Touch Display is definitely a keeper and a necessary addition to any Raspberry Pi enthusiasts collection! Thsi display screen even works great in combination with the 5MP 1080P Raspberry Pi Night Vision Camera. The display is currently selling for the incredibly low price of only $29.99!!

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