Product Test & Review – Raspberry Pi Night Vision Camera

Raspberry Pi Night Vision Camera

Product Review 5MP 1080P Raspberry Pi Night Vision Camera

Parts list & Features

Today I will be reviewing the 5 megapixel Raspberry Pi Night Vision Camera.

The Raspberry Pi Night Vision Camera is a low light camera module with infrared LED lights. It can be used for anything including a low light web cam, an infrared home security system or a DIY wildlife camera. The Raspberry Pi Night Vision Camera includes two LED Infrared lights, and three ribbons cables of various sizes. In addition to a cable for the full sized Raspberry Pi 3 B+ is a cable for the smaller Pi Zero W. For instance, the ribbon cable sizes range from 6 inches to approximately 2 feet respectively. This allows added flexibility for mounting purposes. Also included is the mounting hardware as well as an acrylic stand with double sided tape. The camera module itself is about 1 square inch. And the lens features a telescoping adjustable focus.

Setup and Installation

Setup was easy as “Pi.” The camera was very easy to install, and came with all the necessary hardware. The two infrared LED’s are separate from the camera. Installation was a breeze and took only a few minutes. Directions for installation can be found either by searching the internet. And they can also be found by viewing the product images below. Setting up the camera with the Raspberry Pi was also easy. For instance, once you boot up the system the camera can be accessed by simply turning on the camera in settings. Then you can either use terminal to control it or download a Graphical Interface (GUI) for use and configuration.

Testing and Review

I took several pictures and videos in low light situations. In addition, I also took several images and videos in complete darkness with no lighting. Once focused, the images were clear and concise. The subject and background was easy to make out. The images were what you would expect from an Infrared Camera to be. The videos had the same quality as the pictures. An impressive camera for the price.

The only area of improvement I found is with the mounting stand. Once the camera is installed it becomes a bit top heavy and tips forward. It is uneven and unable to stand on its own unless mounted to another surface. That being said, I personally would give this camera as it is now a 9 out of 10 on the scale. And I would recommend it to anyone looking for a Raspberry Pi Night Vision Camera to add this to their collection.

To purchase this camera, click on the link below.

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5MP 1080P Raspberry Pi Night Vision Camera

Raspberry Pi Night Vision Camera


Raspberry Pi Night Vision Camera Raspberry Pi Night Vision Camera


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