About Me

I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 disorder and PTSD in August of 2018. However, that diagnosis later changed after I realized I actually suffered symptoms of psychosis. Now my official diagnosis is SchizoAffective disorder bipolar type.

SchizoAffective disorder is a combination of a thought and mood disorder. It is a more severe illness than bipolar disorder but not as severe as schizophrenia. I suffer from psychosis, which means I do have symptoms you would find in schizophrenia which is a thought disorder. In 2013, I attempted to take my own life due to depression.

A recovering PC addict turned Apple junkie, I began my career 18 years ago with a degree in E-Commerce Web Programming and Design. While briefly working for a civilian contractor with the FAA, I was introduced to Information Security. However, after a 12-year career in graphic design, my passion for cybersecurity was reignited after exposure from the T-Mobile and Equifax data breaches. When it comes to computers, I am a “jack of all trades, master of none” with experience in PC, Mac, and Linux. Having spent more than a decade as a hacker, I have experience in Cyber attacks, Pretexting and Social Engineering tactics.

As a regular contributor for United States Cybersecurity Magazine, I write cybersecurity articles for their daily publication. In addition, I am working towards building a career in Cyber and Information Security.

I am a Hacker, Social Engineer, and Script Kiddie. I am a Graphic Designer and Computer Technician. I suffer from a Mental Illness. I am a Survivor.

I am ThePatRatt – The Bipolar Hacker
Hack the Stigma. Hack the Planet.

Twitter: @IamThePatRatt