Online Harassment: Trolls, Cyberbullies and Stalkers.

Online Harassment: Trolls, Cyberbullies and Stalkers.

Internet Trolls: Pushing your buttons, or pushing an agenda?

Chances are, if you spend any amount of time online, you have already encountered internet trolls. An internet troll is someone who deliberately starts a fight and insults others in online forums. They disrupt discussions in an effort to cause drama. They are practically omnipresent on social media.

Where to find internet trolls

Internet trolls are most often found in the comment section of articles and posts. They also like to frequent blogs and forums. Trolls always have an opinion on everything. They love to make inflammatory posts as a means to offend or antagonize. Trolls even appear to thrive on the chaos they create.

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Cyberbullying: Consequences and Security Risks

Internet trolls seem impossible to avoid. They occupy everything from social media to online gaming. But sometimes harmless trolling quickly turns into something more. Cyberbullying is a form of harassment that takes place over phones, text messages, and the internet. Cyberbullying is a serious problem that cannot be ignored. It even has direct links to cybersecurity and social engineering.

Crossing the Line

In extreme cases, cyberbullying can lead to suicide. I was a victim of schoolyard bullying. But this was before cell phones or the internet. As soon as I came home it stopped, and I was able to escape. In today’s age, however, children have social media and text messaging. Bullies can harass their victims in their own homes at all hours of the day. They are able to spread vicious rumors instantly. Pictures and photoshopped images can be used to humiliate and shame the victim.

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Cyberstalkers: Tools, Tactics, and Threats

Everyone knows what a stalker is. And unfortunately, many have experienced one first-hand. But now that we are living in the digital age, it has been taken to a new level. These days, cyberstalkers reside on the internet. Offenders are able to track their victims through the use of computers and mobile devices without even leaving home. Unfortunately, cyberstalking is not just limited to trolls, cyberbullies or script kiddies. Hackers and predators alike use this tactic, and it is getting more ‘ user-friendly’.

Most victims are completely unaware they are being tracked. To make matters worse, cyberstalking can be quite difficult to detect.  After all, social media anonymity empowers predatory behavior and we often create a full complex map of our entire lives publicly. Cyberstalking is often used in combination with conventional offline stalking methods. Victims are usually singled out for a specific reason.

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