Cyber Attack: The Only Safe Computer is a “Dead” Computer.

Cyber Attack: The Only Safe Computer is a “Dead” Computer.

It is not so much “if” you will suffer a cyber attack, but “when.”

There is an old saying in the industry that goes, “The only safe computer is a ‘dead’ computer.” Basically, this means that the only type of system that is truly safe from a cyber attack is one that is completely disconnected from the internet. If you have a digital device with internet access, chances are, if it has not been attacked, you will be. And with the advent of IoT devices, the cyber threat continues to grow. A cyber attack may come from a random phishing scam, malware installed onto your device, or even from an actual hacker breaking into your system. But you can take measures to protect yourself.

You may be savvy, but remember that you will always be at risk.

While I was living in Denver, I knew someone who fell victim to a tech support scam. After subscribing to a security service which provided both anti-malware and live tech support, someone leaked his information during a data breach. An individual claimed to be a representative and called to say that they detected a threat. The caller claimed that he needed to run a full system scan. The caller gave him verified credentials, so he granted the caller access to his computer. Two days later, he noticed unusual activity on his system. He discovered someone drained his bank account. He lost thousands of dollars as a result.

After calling back and speaking with a different representative, he found that they do not call their customers in such a manner. He realized he had fallen victim to a cyber attack scam…

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