Script Kiddie: Unskilled Amateur or Dangerous Hacker?

Script Kiddies: Unskilled Amateurs or Dangerous Hackers?

Anyone can download software from the internet. These days, all it takes is someone with a computer and access to the web. There are thousands of hacking and security programs that exist online. These programs are written by skilled programmers and individual hobbyists. Many of them are free to download and use. This can be a blessing to the user who wants to learn cybersecurity. However, it can spell trouble when a script kiddie tries to use them for hacking.

What is a Script Kiddie?

A script kiddie, or “skiddie,” is someone who lacks programming knowledge and uses existing software to launch an attack. Often a script kiddie will use these programs without even knowing how they work or what they do. For example, imagine a child gets their first computer. The child watches a show about hacking and then downloads a copy of Kali Linux. They begin playing with the various programs while searching for online tutorials. At first, they may be perceived as nothing more than an internet troll or noob, due to their lack of experience and quickness to brag and boast. Sometimes they will even resort to cyberstalking or bullying. However, this may simply be a cover for other more nefarious activity.

Hackers by Accident

The availability of free and open source software poses a significant risk for websites and networks. Programs originally intended for computer security and forensics could be used to unleash a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on a website or network…

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