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How to get free Raspberry Pi accessories. Become a Reviewer

Become a Raspberry Pi reviewer

Are you a Raspberry Pi Fan or geek? Do you love to build single board computers? Jun electronics is looking for product testers to review their Raspberry Pi accessories. And this means you can get accessories at no cost to you. All purchases for items to be reviewed will have the total price reimbursed. All you have to do is purchase the items and submit your order number.

Cameras & Breadboards

Jun Electronics offers numerous products for Raspberry Pi. For example, they offer the night vision camera which I tested and reviewed in an earlier post. It comes with an acrylic stand, mounting hardware, two ribbon cables and night vision infrared LED’s. Also available is a standard daylight camera.

Jun Electronics offers a selection of build kits. These Multifunctional Solderless Breadboards are designed for temporary circuits and prototyping. Kits include breadboard, solderless connectors, LED’s, resistors and power adapter.

Touch Screens and Cases

Touch screens come in 3.5 inches or 7 inches in size. And both come with a case for holding your Raspberry Pi computer board. The 7 inch touch screen has HDMI input for faster response with less lag time in refresh rate. The 3.5 inch display is a Direct Plug and Play Display that uses the GPIO pins for power. The kit comes with case, mounting hardware and stylus pen.

They also sell a variety of  dog bone style Raspberry Pi Stackable Cases for your next Raspberry Pi cluster project. They are even available with cooling fans and heat sinks.

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To become one of their product testers and get your free Raspberry Pi accessories, contact Jun Electronics at

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