Mental Health Awareness and Curing the stigma

Mental Health Awareness: Cure the stigma

Becoming an advocate

I am looking than to become a mental health advocate. Ever since learning about my own mental illness, I have wanted to help end the stigma surrounding it. Especially since I have been a prisoner to the stigma. It terrifies me. The idea that others may look at me the same way I see myself. Even more so knowing how I used to look at and treat those who suffer from mental illness. Especially an illness like the one I have. I want to get involved so I can help with Mental Health Awareness to Cure the stigma.

Mental Health Awareness: Cure the stigma

My entire life the absolute worst fear I had was to be mentally ill. I treated those with mental health issues like garbage. Unfortunately, I helped spread the very stigma I now suffer from. Now I know what it feels like to be judged the way I used to. And it does not feel good at all. Nor does it feel good knowing how I treated people in the past. I was such a hypocrite. But not anymore.

Breaking the Cycle

It is easier to break the cycle now that I am aware of it. In a way, suffering from mental illness also helps me see more clearly. So now I want to bring awareness to the illness and stigma. And I want to help others who suffer like I did. Like I still do now. I have only been diagnosed for 4 months. Although it seems like it has been a lifetime. But now I am aware, and I want others to be aware. I want to bring attention to how people like me feel. To how others treat us. And how we live in constant fear of our illness. An illness that is not our fault. But one thing I can do is to become an advocate and bring mental health awareness to cure the stigma surrounding it. The stigma surrounding us.

Hack the Stigma. Hack the Planet.
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