SchizoAffective Disorder bipolar type.

SchizoAffective Disorder bipolar type. What is it and can it be cured?

I suffer from a mental illness. It is called SchizoAffective disorder, bipolar type.

Schizoaffective Disorder bipolar type. What is it?

SchizoAffective disorder is the presence of both a thought disorder, and mood disorder. And while it is a more severe mental illness than Bipolar Disorder, it is less severe than Schizophrenia. Schizoaffective Disorder bipolar type is a form of hybrid between Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder.

Schizophrenia is a thought disorder that can cause disorganized thoughts, paranoid behavior, delusions or misinterpretations of reality, and hallucinations. This is called Psychosis, or psychotic features, and they can be debilitating on their own. But with SchizoAffective disorder, those features can be present in combination with a mood disorder like depression or the type I suffer from, Bipolar Disorder.

Bipolar is a mood disorder which causes erratic behavior, rapid and sometimes even violent mood swings, mania and depression. My mood can go from elated and euphoric to suicidal and depressed sometimes within hours of each other, and without warning. The mania can cause me to have excessive energy that allows me to stay up for days without sleep. My current record is 5 days with as little as 2 hours of sleep per day. I have gone 3 days without any sleep whatsoever.

Is it Curable?

Like most mental illness, schizoaffective disorder is incurable. It is a lifelong disease that requires medication in order to function normally. This disorder also requires intensive therapy and treatment to live a normal, functional life. In combination with medications such as antipsychotics and mood stabilizers, I also need to go through cognitive behavioral therapy so I can learn new skills and coping mechanisms. This teaches me how to deal with life and the ups and downs. It is a long road, but I am already feeling better than I did before. Better than I have in many years. This fills me with hope. Hope that one day I can finally have and live a normal productive life and have a family. That I can finally live my life in reality, and no longer live in my delusions.

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